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The idea of daily pages is borrowed from 750words.com, which, in turn, borrows it from “The Artist’s Way” by J. Cameron (“morning pages”). Basically, writing a certain amount of words every day is supposed to positively affect your mental state and creativity in the long run, even if your writings are merely incoherent ramblings. (It’s strongly advised to keep daily pages private.)

The Daily Pages plugin provides the motivation to write every day by keeping track of the word count and the writing streaks (consecutive days of meeting the goal). The stats are displayed on the blog together with the graphical badge that corresponds to the length of the streak. The approach is similar to 750words.com, but using your own blog allows full control over all the aspects of the process. The user can change the goal (number of words per day), the hour when the day starts (e.g. for the night owls, it’s not fair to consider the midnight to be the end of the day), the lengths of streak levels (i.e. how many days is required to get the next badge), as well as the badge images and titles. It’s also possible to configure email reminders to be sent at any convenient time and any number of times per day.

Download the code here (current version: 0.9) The configuration is rather DIY, so don’t even think of using it without reading the included readme.txt ;)

(click to see the bigger version)

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A simple command-line script in PHP which allows to post contents of a file, or a text string, to a blog that supports metaWeblog API through XML-RPC. (Tested only with WordPress blogs.) Its usability lies in being easy to use it from other scripts, e.g. generating a file and automatically posting or crossposting it with auto-generated tags, categories etc.

Example of usage:

php wp_post.php -file="contents.txt" -subject="Beautiful Day" -tags="daily, photo" -categories="Forest" -blog=photo365

Click to download – wp_post-1.0.zip

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