Thirsty Nellan in Python (Pygame)

January 1, 2013

Thirsty Nellan in Python is a Pygame adaptation of a public domain game Thirsty Nellan. I wrote it for the purpose of learning Python and Pygame. The original game by Geoffrey M. Draper can be found at . All the graphics and audio were copied from the original game. The fonts are public domain Bitstream Vera fonts.

Many thanks to Geoff Draper for creating the original game and making it open source!
Also, many thanks to Coursera and profs Joe Warren, Scott Rixner, John Greiner and Stephen Wong of Rice University for their awesome online course “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python”! (

Click here to download the game.

How to run the game: python
Tested with Python 2.7.3 and Pygame 1.9.1.

2 Responses to “Thirsty Nellan in Python (Pygame)”

  1. Very good game.
    Now you can learn real 3D in Python – download Game Builder (

  2. Thank’s, well done !
    It may be wonderfull if you comment a lot the source code (
    thank you very much if you can …

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